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94% of ALFE Employees Participated in the MyVoice Survey!

Published on May 18, 2022

Thanks all employees for participating in the 2022 MyVoice Survey. The response rate in ALFE is 94% (654 respondents) and we have received 876 comments. Thanks to the responses we have gathered insightful elements to better understand what is driving engagement in our company. 

Discover the results: 

Engagement score: 66 (+3 vs 2021). The engagement score is the average score of the two following questions:

  • How happy are you working at Air Liquide?
  • Would you recommend Air Liquide as a great place to work? 

What drivers are impacting the engagement of the result in ALFE?

Strengths Significant Improvement Opportunities
  • Challenge Status Quo
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Focus
  • Inclusion
  • Manager Trust
  • Feedback
  • Challenge Status Quo
  • Resources (IT & Physical Environment)
  • Purpose
  • Well-being

Next, we will work together on identifying areas to strengthen and improve. 

  • Transversal actions: these actions can be taken at the entity level or at the division/department level. Each manager will work on identifying actions for their scopes in alignment with entity priorities. Some actions might be transversal since they are similar between the different functions.
  • Action for the teams: these are focusing on the team dynamic (eg of team action: decision to better prepare before monthly meetings and to send agenda and minutes of meeting). Your manager will schedule a Close the Loop meeting to discuss your team results and to identify actions together.