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ALFE Kaohsiung Office Has Been Relocated to Nantze Technology Industrial Park

Published on May 23, 2022

2 minutes

In order to be closer to customers and provide employees with a more comfortable working environment, ALFE Kaohsiung office has been relocated to Nantze Technology Industrial Park from May, 2022.

As the demand for Nitrogen from customers in the Nantze area increases, ALFE announced plans in August, 2020 to build a five-story plant and increase the Nitrogen production capacity as well as LIN storage. The expansion is our 4th plant in the NEPZ basin and it will be the largest (25kNm3/hr). After the FIP, this new low-carbon/low-energy Nitrogen plant will not only bring benefits to the environment, but also increase the overall gas supply of ALFE in this area by nearly 50%, and become a critical basin for Taiwan packaging and testing industry.

The new Nantze Office is located on the 5th floor of the new building with around 124 pings(410 square meters). The concept of the design covers:

  1. connecting the local characteristics with putting terrazzo and architectural concrete into the design to link the local humanity history. The cement of local industrial development history and terrazzo from Taiwan traditional culture were combined together to echo the unique trajectory of Kaohsiung;
  2. aligning with AL Sustainability Development strategy, a large amount of green colors are used in the space, and others such as blue/yellow and wood tones to create a comfortable environment atmosphere.