Over 2,500 Items are Donated from 2021 ALFE Year End Giving!

Published on May 18, 2022

The 2021 “ALFE Year End Giving: Call for Donation!” internal campaign has successfully obtained the participation of 125 colleagues with a total of 2,510 clothes, 64 second-handed books, 98 goods and 749 uniform invoices donated to the Social Welfare Foundations. The total number of donations set another record in 2021!    

In order to encourage colleagues to participate in the activity, we have competitions to reward the region with the maximum number of donations. After a month of competition, ALES Asia(including AES/Balazs) finally won the championship with a donation rate of 7.16 per person! To thank employees for your great support, the company also particularly rewarded the Central region, the second-place winning team. Thank you all for your donation!