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Our Road Safety Policy

Air Liquide is committed to promoting the highest standards of road safety amongst employees and contractors. Our goal is to eliminate all preventable road accidents.

To ensure safety of every Air Liquide driver and transportation carriers whom are engaged in road transport activities, each of the following underlying principles is considered important in achieving our objective of Zero Accident on the road:

1. Driver Safety

  • All drivers must be certified as Defensive Driver and be Trained and Qualified in accordance with Air Liquide standards.
  • All drivers must pass regular annual health exams confirming fit to drive on the road and pass a daily alcohol test and blood pressure test before driving. 
  • All drivers must be equipped with proper PPE for operation.

2. Vehicle Safety

  • All vehicles operated and used by Air Liquide shall comply with Taiwan Transportation Regulations and Air Liquide Standards, including real-time tire pressure/temperature system requested in 2022. 
  • All vehicles must be well maintained, operated and used in a safe, and clean manner.
  • All vehicles must be equipped with proper safety equipment, incl. SDS for emergency use. 
  • No vehicles shall be modified without MOC approval. 

3. Driving Safety Discipline

  • Risk assessment shall be conducted regularly. 
  • Conduct the fatigue management program to control working, driving and rest hours. All vehicles operated and used by Air Liquide shall install a fatigue detection system to remind drivers effectively, and enable fleet managers to identify problems that affect their drivers’ performance and health, so as to take necessary measures. 
  • NO-GO items for driver status and vehicle status shall be cleared before transportation.
  • Speed limits shall be enforced for all vehicles. 
  • All products in the vehicle shall be well-secured to avoid falling through the journey. 
  • Strictly prohibited to use any mobile communication devices while driving. Hands Free device is only allowed for transportation drivers under certain conditions.

4. Night Driving Policy (refer to driving between 0:00 to 4:00 AM)

  • Speed reduction: highway max 80 km/h; Single lane road max 60 km/h
  • No new route allowed during night time (100% route assessment conducted in daytime).
  • In-cabin assessment by Master Driver or Driver Coach under night driving conditions. 
  • All drivers must be certified as Defensive Night Drivers with specific training. 

Safety is the top priority for Air Liquide Group and a key success factor for long term business sustainability. Air Liquide Life Saving Rules must be strictly adhered to. We pledge to make our best efforts and insist on road safety as our top priority and to be a responsible corporate citizen.