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Air Liquide Far Eastern Collaborates with Foxwell Power to Sign a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Published on August 18, 2023

2 minutes

Driven by Air Liquide’s ambition to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, Olivier Letessier, President of ALFE, and Hui-Sen HU, Chairman of Foxwell Power, signed a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at the Taipei Office today (August 18th). Through this collaboration, ALFE will reduce its CO2 emissions by an amount  equivalent to ~28 times the annual CO2 absorption of Da'an Forest Parks, becoming Taiwan’s pioneering industrial gas company to incorporate renewable energy into its processes. 

In this long-term power purchase agreement between ALFE and Foxwell Power, renewable energy will be introduced into gas production processes from 2024, providing low-carbon gases to serve industries in Taiwan, such as semiconductors, petrochemicals, steel, photovoltaic, flat panels, and manufacturing, thus contributing to Taiwan's decarbonisation objectives. 


Olivier Letessier, President of ALFE, stated, "This long-term renewable electricity PPA represents a new significant step in the decarbonization of Air Liquide Far Eastern activities. It comes on top of the measures we implement to reduce our own asset carbon emissions by optimizing process efficiency and improving facility infrastructure through innovation. Such initiatives allow us to lower our carbon footprint but also to meet the growing demand from our customers for competitive low-carbon solutions and to contribute to Taiwan's decarbonization efforts. This is in line with Air Liquide's strategic plan ADVANCE, which inseparably combines financial and extra-financial performance."
Hui-Sen HU, Chairman of Foxwell Power, stated, “ Foxwell Power and its parent company Shinfox Energy are dedicated to being suppliers in the corporate sustainable ESG ecosystem, offering comprehensive renewable energy services such as “energy generation, saving, storage and renewable energy trading”. Both ALFE and Foxwell Power are taking practical actions to mitigate the impact of climate change. The collaboration between the two parties holds significant meaning  and will accelerate Taiwan’s industrial gas industry into the new era of renewable energy.”
This collaboration is a significant milestone for ALFE in decarbonization. We will persist in our contributions to Taiwan's industrial gas industry and the environment. 

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