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With hydrogen, the energy transition is accelerating
  • Fostering clean production, the challenge of the decade

  • Accelerating the decarbonization of industry

  • Driving forward hydrogen mobility for road, water & air

  • Joining forces around hydrogen

Our expertise at the service of industry and mobility

As a pioneer in hydrogen, Air Liquide is convinced that this molecule will be decisive in the energy transition. The Group is responding to the urgency of climate change and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, investing approximately €8 billion in the entire low-carbon hydrogen value chain by 2035, and a total of 3 GW electrolysis capacity by 2030. Hydrogen will be key to achieving this goal by making it possible to meet two major challenges to which Air Liquide is committed: from clean production to decarbonizing heavy industry and revolutionizing clean mobility.

Enabling a low-carbon society

For over 60 years, Air Liquide has been leveraging its existing industrial facilities, technologies and expertise worldwide to develop ecosystems for transportation, and in particular hydrogen refueling solutions.

From production to distribution

Air Liquide has an unmatched expertise in hydrogen and masters the entire value chain. From low-carbon production to storage and distribution, the Group is a technological leader able to offer tailored solutions to meet our customers' needs in hydrogen and to decarbonize, together, their activities. Electrolysis, carbon capture, liquefaction, high pressure conditioning... we master every brick for a climate centric comprehensive offer.

Decarbonizing the industry

Hydrogen can be used in many industrial sectors that are challenging to decarbonize, for its energy potential or as a raw material:

  •  Refining, to desulfurize hydrocarbons
  •  Chemistry, to produce methanol and synthetic fuels
  • Metallurgy, for heat treatment

But also in electronics, as a carrier gas, research and analysis, welding, cement production, glassmaking...

Revolutionizing clean transportation

On the ground, on the water and in the air, Air Liquide is creating sustainable pathways to decarbonize mobility and accelerate the clean transport revolution, in close cooperation with our customers and partners.

cH2ange with hydrogen

We are convinced that achieving energy transition without hydrogen is just an impossible mission. Because it will play an increasingly large role in our lives and in the world to come, cH2ange with hydrogen make you look at hydrogen from every angle. 


Ready to see differently this small molecule with unlimited potential?

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