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ALFE inaugurates its largest plant in Taiwan, enhancing the resilience of its semiconductor materials supply chain

Published on March 12, 2024

2 minutes

Air Liquide Far Eastern(ALFE) announced the inauguration of its Smangus Plant in Hsinchu Science Park on Tuesday, March 12th. We are honored to have Armelle Levieux, Vice President of Innovation, Electronics, H2 Energy of Air Liquide Group, Guillaume Cottet, Vice President of Electronics WBL, Peter HSU, Chairman of ALFE,   Ming-Ju, CHEN, COO of Invest Taiwan, Wayne Wang, Director General of Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, and representatives from French Office in Taipei, European Chamber Of Commerce Taiwan, French Chamber Taiwan and other valuable guests to witness this milestone with us.     

The Smangus Plant is ALFE’s largest facility. The plant will significantly increase existing production capacity, for improved efficiency, reliability and a reduced carbon footprint. To meet the high demand for electronic-grade nitrogen in the semiconductor industry, ALFE is introducing a new generation of energy-efficient large-scale electronic-grade nitrogen production equipment that not only produces high-purity nitrogen in large quantities but also improves operational efficiency by 10%, supporting the semiconductor industry's step toward carbon neutrality.


Olivier LETESSIER, President of Air Liquide Far Eastern, stated, "The semiconductor industry is a key market for the Air Liquide Group in line with its ADVANCE strategy, with Taiwan being one of the pivotal regions for the development of the semiconductor industry. Air Liquide is proud to support the resilience of Taiwan's semiconductor materials market, enhance customer experience, and help customers to grow while meeting their sustainability objectives."