We Contribute for a More Sustainable ALFE!

Published on May 01, 2022

In order to respond to the Group’s ESG Goals and to shape a culture of sustainability in the company, ALFE launched a “Sustainability Golden Ideas” Campaign starting from March to April, 2022. Meanwhile, to continuously promote sustainable lifestyle, employees are invited to share their actions(#WhatIhavedone) contribute to Sustainability through a video! 

Besides those personal actions, there are 21 golden ideas(#WhatALTWcando) proposed by colleagues from different regions. After the preliminary assessment, 11 golden ideas are shortlisted and then voted by employees to what can be implemented within ALFE. 

The final results that catch the most attention are as follows which will be forwarded to the responsible functions for taking into consideration. 

  • To reduce the number of printed ALFE Internal Magazine. Save our Trees and our Water. (80 votes)
  • More flexibility for WFH Policy to reduce mobility and carbon emission. (79 votes)
  • Starting from this year, let's stop making/printing the company desk calendar and use the Google calendar for a more digital life. (78 votes)
  • Set up infrared sensors to the walkway lighting to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. (71 votes)
  • Making e-COA to reduce paper consumption and improve work efficiency. (61 votes)
  • No more disposable tableware provided in the company. (58 votes) 

Finally, thanks to all employees for their contribution in the “Sustainability Golden Ideas” campaign. Let’s work together to live a sustainable lifestyle!